Story Groups


Why Story Groups?

  • Telling your story is one of the most helpful ways for a man to start connecting his story to God’s story.

  • Most men feel alone and isolated from other men. Telling your story is a powerful way to experience connection and healing.

  • The number one indicator of emotionally stable children is that a parent can verbalize the story of his heart.

  • Neurological research reveals that telling your story and listening to the stories of others produces actual changes in brain structure. It is a physically transforming process.

Story Group Details:

  • Story groups meet for 12 weeks, usually on weekday evenings at a mutually convenient place.

  • During one meeting, each man will share a part of his story centered on a certain topic. These topics come from each of the chapters in Bill’s book Heroic.

  • Each group is limited to 6 men.

  • New story groups will begin in mid-January and will meet in the during the week in the early evening.

  • Cost is $400, which includes a copy of Heroic. Scholarships are available.

For more information about upcoming story groups, please email Bill at