• Publisher: B & H Publishing Group
  • Year: 2013
  • Description: The well-worn rut most of us live in is safe, comfortable . . . some would call it dead. By contrast, coming alive requires willingness to journey into the unknown. Following Jesus is just such a path, one that takes us deep into His death and then lifts us up into His resurrection. There are some risks involved, and there is no point A to point B map. But there are landmarks—places we must pass along the way if we are to keep following Christ into real life. Landmarks explores these breakthrough places of the heart and mind. Experienced teacher and author Bill Delvaux shares his relatable landmark story and takes readers through nine different spiritual markers that must be encountered in order to live the full life Jesus has planned for us. Some of the landmarks include entering God’s story, letting go of idols, grasping your identity, awakening to the battle, bonding with Christ, and finding your quest in life. Join the journey. If you feel stuck out there on the highway of humanity and need tried and true spiritual direction, look for Landmarks.

“I’ve known Bill as a great teacher with a passion for Truth, God’s word, and authentic faith. What I never really knew before reading his book was the rich story that’s shaped him and his heart to make him the man that he is and is becoming. It is a rare gift when someone opens the book of themselves to share their deepest stories as Bill has done and I believe those who read his story will be grateful as I am.”

—STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN, Grammy and Dove Award-winning singer and songwriter