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Spiritual Direction

What: Spiritual direction is the ancient practice of helping you discern God’s work in your life. While counseling deals with past trauma that continues to affect you and life coaching deals with your future goals, spiritual direction deals with the present moment. What is God doing right now? What is He up to in your life? Yet spiritual direction is not discipling, teaching, or even mentoring. It is a type of conversation that will help you become more attuned to God’s presence in and around you. Such awareness can be profoundly helpful and healing, for our deepest ache of all is union with the God of all creation.

Who: Bill Delvaux is a certified Spiritual Director (Lipscomb University, 2016). Other training and experience includes:
•    BA, Duke University, 1979
•    MDiv, Trinity International University, 1985
•    Ordained Minister, Presbyterian Church of America, 1990
•    Bible Department Chairman, Christ Presbyterian Academy, 1994-2012
•    Director of Landmark Journey Ministries, 2012-present
•    30+ years of coaching and mentoring others

Where: West End Community Church, 235 White Bridge Pike. Sessions will be held in a private room on the 3rd floor of the Discipleship Building.    

When: Appointments are set at times of mutual convenience. Most meetings happen on a monthly basis. Spiritual direction can be discontinued at any time.

Why: People seek out spiritual direction for a variety of reasons. Some are facing a crisis of faith or are in a period of great difficulty. Others feel stuck or confused in their relationship with God. Still others just want help growing closer to Him. 

Cost: $60 per each hour session. Checks can be made out to Landmark Journey Ministries. Fee adjustments are available if needed.

Confidentiality: All conversations are held in the strictest of confidentiality. 

To sign up or ask questions: Email Bill at landmarkjourney@gmail.com or call him at (615) 574-3167.

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HEROIC Class for men

Description: From boyhood days, we are looking up to heroes and trying to be one. But over time, our heroes disappoint, and we fail to become one ourselves. Yet the heroic longing never leaves us. This class will help connect that core longing to the person of Jesus and show the path for becoming heroic like He was. This is the way we become men.

Teacher: Bill Delvaux

Date: Wednesday evenings, Sept. 13 - Nov. 15

Time: 6:30-7:30 PM

Location: CPA High School, Room 205

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Story Group Information for 2017

Why a story group experience?
•    Most men feel alone and isolated from other men. Telling our stories is a powerful way to connect. 
•    The number one indicator of emotionally stable children is that the father (or mother) can verbalize the story of their heart. 
•    Neurological research reveals that telling our story and listening to the stories of others produces healing physical changes in our brains.

Why a story group based on the content from Bill's new book project, Heroic?
•    The story group will help a man move from understanding the concepts in Heroic to experiencing them with other men.
•    No prior knowledge of the book content is needed to be a part of the story group.
•    Each week participants will tell some of their story and receive feedback.

•    Confidentiality: What is said in the group stays in the group. 
•    Presence: Your presence is needed each week, barring unavoidable absences.

Other Details:
•    We will meet on Wed. nights, 6:30-8:00 PM, beginning in February for 12 weeks. Exact start date TBA. Additional groups will start as needed. 
•    We will meet at West End Community Church on the 3rd floor.
•    The group is limited to 6 men.

•    Total fee for the 12 weeks is $400. This is about $33/session.
•    Fees are set by the ministry board. Payment plans as well as sliding scale adjustments are available. Please don’t let money be the only obstacle to do this.

To sign up or ask questions: Email Bill at landmarkjourney@gmail.com or call him at (615) 574-3167.


What Men Have Said About the Story Group Experience:
"My experience of the story group was a tremendous benefit in understanding, addressing, and removing blocks in my relationship with God. A wonderful experience!"

"The story group has provided the impetus and push to experience being known and loved by God and some friends. I have been challenged to risk trusting Christ in a deeper and more satisfying way."

"Working in a story group with Bill requires honesty: nothing more, but certainly nothing less. You will find yourself equally challenged and encouraged, and your spiritual life may shift in ways that you never could have imagined. I have never understood the Gospel better or thirsted for it more as a result of the posture that his guidance and support provokes."

“This group was amazing and such an eye opener to me. Seeing men, broken and for the first time even sharing things they had never shared with others was so impactful. It helped me to realize that I was normal and just like others. Men need this so badly.”

“What have I learned? I have learned that my story is still being written, but the rest of my story (life) is and will be much different than the past. I have re-discovered that intimacy with Jesus is what God created me for.”

“There is something powerful in the hearing of each man’s story.  I gained insight into my own story with the telling of each story in the group. The opportunity to come along side another man in his journey was both an honor and a blessing.  I found that despite all of our hesitations, that our sin, however different it may look in each of our stories, didn’t drive us apart, but brought us together.” 

After doing these groups for over nine years, I am continually amazed at their transforming power. Some men have even repeated the group just because of its healing impact. It seems that the most powerful thing we have to share besides the story of Jesus is our own story, with all of its sadness and wonder. I hope you will consider joining a group. 


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