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After studying at Duke University ('79) and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School ('84), Bill was involved for eight years in pastoral ministry as a youth minister and church planter. After the heartbreak of a failed church plant, he took a position in 1992 teaching Bible at Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville, TN. During that time, he also coached the varsity boys track and cross country teams. Here he found his quest for the next twenty years — connecting the Bible to the hearts of high school students. Then he began to feel God’s urgings to pursue a new quest, one that would involve connecting the truths of the Bible to the hearts of men. Despite his initial fear and objections, the community of men around him encouraged him to begin something new. So in 2012, he left full-time teaching to begin Landmark Journey Ministries.

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Bill’s passion is to build men by teaching them how to be personally coached by Jesus. The result will be heroic men who become more like Him. This building process happens through teaching at retreats and in classes to large groups. It happens in the smaller story groups where men learn to tell their stories to each other. Finally, it happens in the individual spiritual direction he does with men. All of this will lead to a growing Brotherhood of the Heroic. Bill puts it this way: “I want to be a part of a revolution among men so that they feel the wonder of being a son of the heavenly Father and a brother to Christ. So much hangs on this. So much dies when this is lost.”

For the last five years, Landmark Journey Ministries has seen God open many surprising doors. We believe the next five years will be ones of walking through these new doors and watching the living Christ build HIs Kingdom by building heroic men.

Bill's greatest claim to fame is being married to a very special woman for 31 years, Heidi. His other claim is having two amazing daughters, Abigail and Rachel.

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